Tunsan Steel Shelf Systems, Locker and File Cabinets Production Facility

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Tunsan Steel Shelf Systems

We serve all of you rack systems. Quality and quality of each product is very important for us as Tunççelik. We are doing our best to offer you a better quality of service to our customers.

We are aware of the fact that we are the best in the shelf systems sector because we have long experience and we can not fulfill our customers’ requests.


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Tunsan Steel Locker Cabinets

Locking cabinets today are subject to need and need in many business areas. We provide the solution for you with quality products for you. We make the difference in Turkey by bringing the last point of technology.

A large number of personnel work in the workplace. Factories, private companies, sports halls, school locker rooms and so on. There are many public areas like locker rooms.


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Tunsan Steel File Cabinets

File cabinets are the first thing that comes to mind when the office environment is called indispensable. There are great inventions that are used to save money, no need to save money on the spot. It is produced to store and classify all types of documents and is used for this purpose in offices.

Generated in different colors, different sizes and different shapes, the most produced cabinets are shaped cover and drawers.


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Compact Archive Systems

Compact archive systems that can be produced as Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple.


Our services

1. Shelf System

Whether in business or in private life, shelves are helping us almost everywhere. The shelf system makes your life easier, with more regularly small storage space, many files being archived without loss and more numerous areas.

The use and installation of rack systems is also very important for your active use. With our superior experience and quality, we design and offer these systems in accordance with you.


2. Locker

Companies or other public places employ locker rooms from this need, as the staff of the staff or the spore must change the clothes of the student at the school. The dressing rooms also provide dressing rooms for the staff or students to stack their clothes properly.

Sometimes these cabinets use several staff members in the workplace while some companies provide separate cabinets for each staff member. Hence the necessity of cupboards in these places. This is exactly the case with us as we are grown up in this case.


Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Sixth and L Door Locking Cabinets

3. File cabinet

In smaller sizes, a closet or library will see your work. For lockers that you will use in the office, you can choose a locked locker if your documents are hidden. Choosing a wardrobe by looking at the width of the area you are going to use, the number of files, or whether it is suitable for classification will result in a more healthy result.

The other issue is the price of file cabinets. If you do not do lots of research, it will cause you to pay extra money and lose materially.


4. Compact Archive System

Compact Rail archiver types that we produce as Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple.

These cabinets can gain functionality with alphabetic or numbering system and you can use this system to make your archive files easier to access when needed. So you will save both energy and you will avoid the waste of time.

Depending on what you need, you can choose archiving cabinets. With the rail system you can opt for models with or without caps with drawer eyes. Though it offers a variety of alternatives in terms of measurement, you can customize it in the dimensions and sizes you desire according to your needs or your needs. A lock system is also available in cabinets made of durable material and colored with electrostatic powder paint. Thus, you may have maximized security. With the demounting system, you can easily change the places of the cabinets if necessary. You can paint with different colors to adapt your product space.

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